【Vogue Character】SUPER LADY


Hinata Tachibana
Seila Yonekura, a journalist, sets out to cover a story with her peer Kimura on the SiSP cell project, a sensational project much talked about in town, that plans to create stronger creatures by means of engineering genes. The two interview Professor Matsudo, the spearheading scientist promoting the SiSP cell project. Kimura is simply impressed by the professor, while Seila has an unpleasant premonition. It may have resulted from the words uttered by the terrorist who was assailing Prof. Matsudo when Seila rescued him out. He howled; ‘Super Lady, you’re mistaken!!’ Uncertain, Super Lady sneaks into Prof. Matsudo’s laboratory, where before her appear monstrous creatures that are likely to have been born by using the SiSP. Using her super power, Super Lady manages to subdue the monsters and confronts Prof. Matsudo, who runs away. Later, Seila discovers the missing Prof. Matsudo and follows him to his secret research facility. Turning into Super Lady, Seila marches into the facility and meets with a monster TheEnd, the strongest enemy she has never seen!! It is the humanoid that has had Clapton ore embedded in its body, the ore that Super Lady has a weakness for. What destiny awaits Super Lady now…? [Bad ending]
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