Oct 112019

Coerced Feminization, Sissification
There are plenty of reasons why people like to wear the other sex’s clothes. You know that it’s not considered normal to feel this way and people won’t understand, so you hide it. You know that other men will look at you oddly if they were to know that you liked to wear women’s clothing. You hide it. Maybe this whole thing just comes down to you wanting to be submissive, be told that you aren’t masculine enough. You’e been digging this hole by dressing this way. You wear women’s clothing and now you don’t know how to stop. All of these lines are getting crossed. You can’t really remember how it was before all of this started. How do you go back now? You’ve gone so far. You saw that you were getting in deep and you didn’t stop, you kept playing right into it. Now look at you! You’re not even going to get hard like you used to. You’re not going to ever go back to the way you were, so you embrace the inner sissy. You’ll see out pleasing men because that’s what women usually do. You don’t even need to WANT to do it, but you’ll feel this need to do it. All because you’ve allowed yourself to be this much of a sissy for this long.
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