Aug 052018

Cali is sleeping on the bed and Keri comes in and pokes at her to see if she is really sleeping. Keri begins to take photos of Cali. Wonder Woman Megan comes in to stop Keri from taking anymore pictures. It was a set up. Cali sneaks a neck chop to Wonder Woman and then she falls asleep. Keri is Cali’s slave doing whatever is asked of her. Cali wants Keri to check Wonder Woman out to see if she is fully asleep. They both begin to play with Wonder Woman’s limp body. Cali takes the lasso
“its mine at last.” Cali has Keri take pictures of her with Wonder Woman. Then Cali proceeds to take Wonder Woman’s tiara and puts it on her own head. Cali continues to strip Wonder Woman of her accessories and Keri still shakes her around to be sure she wont be waking up anytime soon. Cali tells Keri to take care of it.
This clip runs 9 minutes long and contains, superheroine, limp fetish, sleep fetish
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