Oct 092018

he video begins as The Mesmerist(Hannah Perez) is placing Wonder Cali under her control. She gently swings her locket back and forth as Wonder Cali is unable to look away, voicing her commands in a slow, soft and soothing tone.
“You are falling into a deep, deep trance… You are completely open to my suggestions… You feel very weak and tired….. Your eyes are heavy….. and you are my clay to mold as I like….Will you do anything I say, Wonder Cali?”
Completely under her enemies control, Wonder Cali hands over her tiara and bracers leaving her defenseless. Before leaving the villain imparts a few more commands just before releasing her.
Wonder Cali is sprawled out on the floor when she wakes, remembers nothing of the encounter and rushes to work.
At work, the Mesmerist is revealed to be Cali’s co-worker Hannah.
Hannah puts her under 2 more times. Once as Cali and then again as Wonder Cali. She tests her control commanding her to kiss her.
“You are a sexy, slutty, superheroine supermodel.”
This clip runs 13 minutes long and includes superheroines, magic control, mesmerize, super villain, mind fuck, costumes, transformation fantasies, woman following orders, kissing. The1080hd format can be found in POWER AND PERIL under the Superheroines Category.
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