Dec 282019

Alex is struggling. Her day starts with her mean principal tell her that she isn’t going to graduate on time, her job at the bar barely pays her bills, the head bartender is a cocky jerk, and the owner is a total asshole. One night at the end of her shift she can’t take her eyes off of a classy gorgeous woman. Of course the asshole owner is hitting on her, talking about how great he is.
When the woman walks over to her, looks her in the eye, and tells her to come home with her Alex is mesmerized and follows obediently…
The elegant lady seduces and pleasures Alex, teaching her how to give pleasure in return, and once one of her one appetite is saited, the vampiress satisfies her much much stronger hunger. Alex struggles in pain and pleasure as the life goes out of her
Knowing that when she awakens her protege’ will be STARVING, she goes to find a perfect first victim….Once she awakens Alex’s new instincts kick in and she follows her mistres’s lead, first sensually teasing and threatening the principal, he is helpless and aroused beyond thinking. He obeys thier every command and the two gorgeous predators use him for pleasure over and over.
Now that Alex and her Mistress’s sexual needs are satisfied it is time to finish it, they taunt and tease until Alex gets a huge mouthful of her former principals cum, now that the appetizer is done it is time to truly feed…the vicitm struggles weakly and then is still
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