Apr 252018

WARNING: This video is not for t****e fantasy watching, this is intended for intense brainwashing and extreme penetration of the subconscious. By purchasing this video, you acknowledge the risks of permanent changes to your psyche.You understand this isn’t a game right? This isn’t a little fantasy you get to indulge in at your computer and then waltz back to your normal life. There’s nothing casual about your relationship with me. You see it happening and you choose to ignore it. You feel your sexuality changing. First you’re just into busty women, then brunettes, then women with my facial structure, until all the way down the line the only woman you can successfully cum for is me. This isn’t a game, it’s an art form. It’s a craft I’ve spent all of my years perfecting. I’ve slipped into your mind and reprogrammed pleasure. I’ve delved into your depths and dissected and rearranged your reality. This is not a chess match, because that would assume you’ve ever been a player. No, you’ve always been a pawn. You’ve always been walking down a path that leads you into a life of servitude to me. Don’t think of this life as a game, because if it were, you would have lost a long long time ago.

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