May 202018

scenario is we are mega maiden and mega man, we are engaged in a battle with a villainous couple, Sahrye and her unseen partner, Bane.
You POV begin on your knees, having already lost my battle with bane. Hannah and Sahrye enter the shot with Hannah knocking Sahrye back with a few punches. As Hannah passes in front of me she says “Hang on Megaman”.
Next Sahrye drives Hannah back with punches of her own, stopping to blow a kiss at you POV.
next battle back and forth back into shot until in front of cam. Land one or two blows each then Sahrye blocks Hannah and lands multiple blows, finishing with an uppercut that is devastating. Sahrye next grabs Hannah by her costume, holding her up and slapping her back and forth with the other hand repeatedly. Hannah is helpless now and Sahrye turns to the POV and says “pathetic” releasing her hold on Hannah who then drops to the floor at Sahrye’s feet.
Hannah weakly tries to rise, clutching at Sahryes legs to pull herself up. As Hannah reaches Sahrye’s waist, Sahrye says “oh please mega maiden, your finished” and back hands her back to the floor.
Now on her knees and helpless, Sahrye gets behind Hannah and begin to fondle and taunt. POV, you are being held in the same way by Bane. Sahrye begins to taunt you as well and she instructs Bane to fondle you at the same time.
Sahrye, knowing that forced orgasms are the way to completely defeat us, rubs Hannah over her costume and tells Bane to stroke you.
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