Sep 072018

Superior Girl has been undercover as a parole officer for 2 criminals that are suspected of having ties to Dr. Skullion. She decides to rough them up as Superior Girl and tease them with her costume and tight body.
The duo doesn’t leak any information and are gifted with power suits from Dr. Skullion! Superior Girl comes back to their hideout for a visit as their parole officer and finds herself in a hire situation. They attack
the gorgeous heroine who tries to hide her identity by not showing off her powers. This proves to be a huge mistake as her foes are able to overpower her even at full strength and discover who she really is.
Superior Girl is subjected to a barrage of belly and face attacks only to be knocked out and groped into several forced orgasms. The duo then decide to have some fun by using a sledge hammer on the helpless
girl of steel that previously had no effect. Superior Girl is shocked by the pain as the hammer slams into her unprotected crotch over and over and over. Dr Skullion thanks the men for a job well done and requests that Superior Girl is brought to him at once….
This film includes belly and face punching, bearhug, KOs, forced orgasms, groping, Low blows with a sledge hammer, and more!
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