Aug 192018

STARRING: Shavelle Love
Two villains are having a secret meeting to discuss an upcoming gold heist. Shiva arrives first, and is annoyed that she’s stuck waiting for the illustrated Ink Man. He finally arrives with a flimsy excuse and begins laying out the details of the plan. One of the key steps in the robbery will be Shiva distracting the guards with her sexual mind control powers.
As a demonstration and to punish his tardiness, Shiva entrances Ink Man with her magical amulet. She orders him to eat her pussy until she cums. He has no choice but to obey like a ravenous slave. Ink Man slides a finger into Shiva’s wet cunt and laps firmly on her pierced clit. Shiva arches her back and moans as she climaxes. She orders her slave to his feet and straightens her dress. Released from her powers, Ink Man recalls nothing but the faint aroma of pussy on his lips.
Later, we find the villains sneaking into the gold repository. Despite being mid-heist, where silence is of the essence, Ink Man seizes the opportunity for a little mind control payback on Shiva. The illustrated rogue strikes a genie pose and instantly turns the powerful villainous into a mindless fuck toy of his own! He strips her down and orders her to service his cock. Shiva is a head-bobbing goddess; getting on all fours and gagging down Ink Man’s thick shaft, drooling like a demon.
Ink Man moves to the bed and orders Shiva to bob her gorgeous ass up and down on his cock for his amusement. Her pussy slowly slides up and down the girth of his meat. He moves Shiva to the edge of the bed and pounds away at her, enjoying the show of her massive tits jiggling with each stroke. Ink Man shudders as he fills Shiva with his ink cloud. He cleans her up and releases her from the spell. They move to continue the heist, Ink Man unlocks the safe door for Shiva and she stalks in, ready to neutralize any resistance with her unstoppable sexual power.
Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Superheroines, Costume, Mind Control, High Heels, Pussy Licking, Blow Job, Drool, Fucking, Body Views, Body Play.
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