Sep 032018

Shrima is a new girl and what a beauty she is; tan and sleek with a gorgeous face, hey she looks a lot like her foe Emily, another super gorgeous girl next door – yes, both of these look like a beautiful sexy girl next door with their natural bodies and perky breasts. We so much want you to see these cuties that we have lowered the price for this hot holds match, six submission holds each gets to place on her foe and they must either submit or escape. Watching these girls warm up we see their intensity and this is affirmed when Mike starts talking to them and neither will respond to him – no, they are transfixed on each other, after the rules have been announced they both strip naked – now you will really see what I meant when I said natural wondrous bodies, wow. Shrima puts on the first hold, the abdominal stretch and watching each of these super figures getting stretched is fabulous almost as good as when they do bow and arrows on each other, wow these two are spectacular. Then there’s body scissors, arm bars and of course the figure four leg locks and all prolonged as each beauty struggles to endure the pain – their lean, young, natural bodies writhe in pain as they are determined to endure. You will love these two – wrestling bodies that become art !!!!!!
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