Aug 102018

A topless Cherie waits for her opponent, she doesn’t know who Ariel X is but isn’t too worried, I mean with a name like that she has to be a wimp, then she sees miss X and knows those muscles are going to be a real problem. so much so she decides not to fight, hell she will even worship those muscles; stoke, rub and kiss them just so Ariel won’t fight her – seems to be working but then Ariel decides to use Cherie like her practice dummy. First she lifts the beautiful blonde over her shoulders and does her squats, then she throws her over one shoulder so her face is even with her ass and forces her face into that tight booty. This is just the beginning of a long series of tortuous holds; porch swing that bends poor Cherie almost in two, excruciating bow and arrow, Boston crab and into another swing, camel clutch where she again flexes her bulging muscles even leans over and flexes her pecs in the blonde’s face. So many more holds and lifts and with each she either flexes or makes the blonde worship her body then she really shows off as she forces Cherie up high in a back breaking ceiling hold. Cherie gets thrown around like a rag doll and is then forced to worship the muscles that have been bending her into a pretzel. X doing what she does best to a beautiful blonde !!!!!!
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