Jul 122018

In the 2nd episode of this Superheroine Parody…
Batgirl wakes up in a tangled mess of purple. Every time she tries to move, her limbs are snapped around by the giant rubber bands attached to her wrists, ankles & wrapped tight around her neck. As she stumbles around like a lost puppet, the Cataclysmic and Catwoman make their entrance.
Just for fun, the villains use whips and floggers to bat the bat around. Catwoman then presents a glowing pair of goggles that she places over Batgirl’s eyes, leaving her “blind as a bat”…and rather mindless too. As Batgirl’s brain is taken over by the goggles, Catwoman molests her body.
Its time to test out the device! Catwoman grabs her live feed camera and invites Gotham to watch the transformation of BATSLUT! The submissive Batgirl is instructed to show off her sexy dance moves for her fan. Now that she knows Batgirl is completely under her control, Catwoman moves on to the next task at hand…sexual humiliation!
Catwoman removes the goggles and fills Batgirl’s mouth with gag soaked in her special CatNip formula, which leaves her victims horny and helpless. Batgirl is sexually dominated by Catwoman and her beast. Forced to cum over and over in various wrestling positions. To increase the pleasurable pain factor, Catwoman applies electrified nipple clamps and plays some games with the electric floor.
After a grand show, Batgirl is ready for the grand finale! Catwoman rides her well trained pony around the room and leads her to a huge bowl of addictive stuff that the ravenous Batgirl eagerly snorts away at. The transformation is complete and this heroine will forever be remembered as the BATSLUT she is!
This clip runs 38 mintues long and includes public humiliation, domination, mesmerize, mind fuck, cosplay, amazon, female fighting, wrestling, forced orgasm, groping, flogging, nipple clamps, electroplay, female training, monsters, catsuit, gag talk, embarrassment.
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Duration: 00:38:06 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 2.7 GB

Download – The Cataclysmic 2 The Cat_s Cradle.mp4

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