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The Justice League is in dire straits. They have had some very bad PR lately. Between all the public damage and bad villains they have not been very popular. They are seen as dark, gloomy, broody and just not very fun. In an effort to improve their image, the heroes of the League have been trying to do more charitable stuff and meet their fans face to face. This leads to Canary’s assignment. She is going to visit a reclusive billionaire who made her fortune from making chemicals and pharmaceuticals. She is going to give a generous donation in exchange for her favorite heroine, Canary, making an appearance.
Canary enters the house and kindly talks to the billionaire (Silent POV). She tries to be friendly, but the billionaire is quite shy. Canary is offered a beverage, and she kindly accepts. Still attempting to be friendly, Canary chats and tells stories with her fan as she drinks her beverage. As Canary is talking, she starts feeling light-headed. She tries to shake it off. She apologizes and continues. She feels a wave of dizziness hit her. Her eyes are starting to feel heavy. She is starting to feel very woozy. She looks at her drink and then quickly puts it down. “You.did drink…” Canary tries to get defensive, but the normally tough heroine is feeling too weak and sleepy. Her eyes are heavy and rolling and she can barely stay awake. She tries to say that she won’t get away with this, but half-way through she .
Canary groggily wakes up. She is missing her jacket. She is quite irritated, despite her fogginess. Canary threatens to bring down the house and tries to do her sonic scream, but nothing comes out. She tries again. Nothing. “The drink. Whatever she put in it, must’ve suppressed my power. Figures, a CEO of a pharmaceutical company knows her.” Canary then feels a pinch. She pulls out a dart and her world goes dark.
Canary wakes up again, this time to her gloves missing. “OK, I don’t like where” Canary starts feeling light-headed again. She tries to shake it off. But she continues to feel drowsy as her eyes once again grow heavy and roll up. The air is feeling heavy. She takes a whiff and feels a wave of dizziness hit as her eyes roll up even more. She shakes it off momentarily. “Gas.I can’’m being..gassed.” Canary tries to fight to stay awake, but the gas soon overwhelms her and her world goes dark yet again.
She wakes up, her boots are gone, and she is tied up. (Arms behind back, legs together.) She is still very groggy. She then looks up and sees her assailant. She groggily threatens her. A pendent is dropped in front of eyes and starts swinging back and forth. Canary scoffs at the notion. However, as the pendent goes back and forth, Canary finds herself drawn in. She shakes it off and tries to look away. But she keeps finding herself looking back at it. Her threats start getting quieter as she starts losing her will. She is also starting to get very drowsy, her eyes getting very heavy. Yet, she can’t look away. Canary can’t believe that she is falling under her spell. She briefly snaps out of it from time to time with a soft gasp and tries to regain control, but soon she goes back into a relaxed state and the drowsy feeling grows. She nods off for a moment and then snaps awake but almost immediately her eyes roll up and she falls into a deep slumber.
Canary is standing, no longer tied up. She is back in full costume. Her eyes are open, but she is still mesmerized. In a soft, robotic tone she says that she is “under your control”. She continues repeating her instructions: When she wakes up, she will forget everything that happened. She will only remember getting the check and leaving. She will retain the “suggestions” that can be activated by you if need be. She stands for another second and then wakes. She is very confused and has no idea where she is and what happened. Once again, the room fills with the invisible smoke. Canary gets light-headed. She realizes what’s happening and tries to cover her nose with her hands, but to no avail. “ me?” She gets drowsier, her eyes rolling and fluttering. She is slowly overcome by the gas and her world goes dark once more.
This clip runs 16 minutes long and includes superheroines, limp fetish, damsel in distress, pov, sleep fetish, magic control. The 1080hd format can be found in POWER AND PERIL under the Superheroines Category.
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