Aug 122018


Starring Sumiko and Coco
Two deadly agents have been tasked with a sexy and lethal assignment, but as the two get ready at their base, it’s apparent they share a great disliking for each other. Insults are traded as both badasses’ (played by Sumiko and Coco) tempers boil until a sudden and furious battle erupts!!! For the next 20 minutes, the two beautiful assassins take each other down and OUT, using multiple knockout techniques as they duke it out in sexy lingerie and pantyhose sets. Shoes are removed and lights are knocked OUT as the battle builds to a furious frenzy. One lady finally scores the win, carrying her unconscious prey away with a perfectly executed over the shoulder carry as the camera fades to black!
This movie contains head slam KOs, punch out KOs, leg scissor KO, choke out KOs, sleeper hold KO, black jack KO, temple drill KO, pressure point KO, sleepy spray KO, dragon sleeper KO, face sitting KO, kick KO, foot smother KO, taser KO, breast smother KO, neck chop KO, over the shoulder carries
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Duration: 0:22:25 Resolution: 1280×720 Format: mp4 Size: 2 GB

Download – TheBedroomBattle2.mp4

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