Sep 122018

Starring Jessie Belle, Torey Payne and Sleeperkid
Two beautiful would-be heroines (Jessie Belle and her sidekick-in-training Torey Payne), clad in skin tight zero suits, make their way into an alleged evildoer’s lair. One sleepy flash bomb later and both ladies are out cold across a couch, with their would-be tormentor (that pesky Sleeperkid) making his way in to have an evening of knockout fun. He toys with his prey, rendering them unconscious over and over, creating body piles and unleashing puns as he figures out who exactly broke into his home. He carries their limp bodies around, tormenting them with trips to Dreamland and enjoying the perks of his job as he does how own. He uses every method at his disposal, including a few toys, posing his fallen prey for his own pleasure until he gets a grasp of the situation. He decides to explore his penchant for hypnosis, forcing Jessie and Torey to do battle, while wearing their mental defenses down. A final set of nerve pinches (and two back to back over the shoulder carries) end the night for the two would-be do-gooders, as evil once again prevails in Velvets City!!!
This movie contains flash bomb KO, blackjack KOs, nerve pinch KO, sleeper hold KO, sleepy spray w/ dust mask KOs, double chloroform KO, choke KOs, hypnosis, neck pinch KOs, body piles, over the shoulder carries, limp limb manipulation
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Duration: 0:30:39 Resolution: 1280×720 Format: mp4 Size: 1.54 GB

Download – SuitedForSleepy.mp4

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