Oct 212018

Alix Lynx,Idelsy Love
You love em – we got em, fabulous catfights with the most beautiful women in the world. And in that tradition we have Alix Lynx and Idelsy Love in another fabulous topless catfight, as they rip their tops off in the first two minutes so they can dig their red nails deep into their soft chest flesh. The fabulous contrast of the long black hair and the long blonde hair is prominently displayed as they grab hold of their long manes and pull and tear, as hair is pulled their breasts are smashed together until they drag each other to the couch where they can get some real leverage to squeeze and maul those beautiful breasts. Their nylon clad legs intertwine as the roll across the couch, then to the floor they fall and more rolling as they cat ball across the floor all the time either pulling hair or attacking breasts. Yes, this is nonstop action as the ivory skinned Alix smashes into the dark skinned Idelsy, their breasts compress, then Idesy is on top for deeper breast destruction, then Alix gets behind the dark one and is able to drive her nails deep in breast flesh. On and on they roll, pull, and maul all the time keeping their heels on and short skirts that ride up so sexily on their exposed thighs – a true catfight, that will delight all !!!!!!
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