Oct 132018

Female Wrestling, Fighting, Domination and Lesbian strap on sex
Alluring, captivating Blonde Beauty Bella Ink is a terror on the mats. She is aggressive, sed, mean and verbally humiliates her overmatched opponent Pandora. MILF Pandora is feisty but finds herself nothing more but helpless prey for Bella as she spends half the match in between her thighs, under her ass and with the Blonde’s big tits in her face taking away her breath. Bella’s dizzying array of head scissors, body scissors, facesits, breast smothers, arm bars and even pussy grabs leaves a sweaty, defeated and exhausted Pandora lying on the mats for some forced tribbing as Bella gets them both off with some clit to clit grinding humiliation. The encounter culminates with a rough, embarrassing victory fuck that has to be seen to be believed. Pandora has a mind blowing orgasm at the verbal urging and with the help of Bella Ink’s masterful cock and air depriving, smothering hands.
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