May 042018

Gorgeous Japanese newbie Nyssa Nevers makes her Academy debut, she stands 5’6", 135 lbs with 34G boobs and a perfect ass. Unfortunately for her she takes on Academy veteran Nadia White, super sexy porn starlet and experienced wrestler. She is an athletic 5’4", 120lbs with beautiful 32F breasts. Asian beauty Nyssa gives it her all but is totally overmatched as she gets a face full of ass, pussy and tits as she is smothered over and over again. Nadia does crossfit and her legs are super strong as Nyssa finds out, she gets squeezed in to submission numerous times. In the end Nyssa gets choked out, posed over and fucked silly. This is some of the best sex at the Academy, two friends who enjoy a certain level of intimacy others can’t achieve. Tongues touch, fingers diddle clits while being pounded, screams fill the room as a sweat drenched Nyssa rides Nadia to a well earned and trembling orgasm while her huge tits get sucked.
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