Apr 142018

Selene feels she has so much to prove in this fight, unfortunately for her she is up against the toughest woman she has ever fought. Amazonian, Latina bad- ass Kira is 5’10" 150lbs with rippling abs, incredible stamina and relishes beating and fucking vanquished opponents. One battler utilizes crushing head and body scissors, tight headlocks, smothering facesitting, air depriving breast smothers to submit and subdue a shocked and humbled warrior. A surprised and humiliated loser ends up smothered in wet pussy and earthy asshole, the victor is all smiles as she enjoys her celebratory facesit and victory pose. This is humiliation at its finest, a true expression of female combat. Total dominance is the only way things can end as the beaten and exhausted fighter is bent over and fucked standing up and has to try and keep her head from being banged against the wall. She is fucked hard until all you see is cum oozing from her well used pussy, she is even made to suck toes while she is smashed out. The final humiliation is to clean her own juices from the cock with her wet mouth, she is pushed and kicked away, her defeat is now complete in this interracial battle for physical and sexual supremacy.
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