Jun 052018

Per your requests, this amazing title is now available as a full download. This catfight is an instant classic and demands an instant rematch as the most dominant fighter who controlled most of the match ends up humiliated, exhausted, sweaty and under the ass of her rival. The rules were simple no face punches, no biting, no insertions during the fight and the victor would get to fuck the loser. This one quickly escalates out of control as one girl’s reverse facesit attempt gets her pussy bitten. One girl accuses the other of punching her in the face and the action has to be halted after an illegal kick to the jaw. Hair gets pulled from the roots, thudding body shots land on tender ribs, brutal body scissors, head scissors, choke holds, school girl pins, butt drops, tit and pussy grabbing are all employed to great effect. One combatant tires after nearly 30-minutes of hard-fought, nasty fighting action and gets totally owned. The look of anger and disdain on the winner’s face will shock you as she makes the beaten loser submit multiple times to a vicious facesit, her girl juice smeared and oozing all over her face. She continues the humiliation sexually as she roughly fucks the loser causing her to cry out. The fighting continues as she fucks her and they trade blows. The loser is even too tired to properly ride a dick, good thing she reaches orgasm and climaxes due to the harsh, intense fucking she got.
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Duration: 00:40:02 Resolution: 720×480 Format: mp4 Size: 705.5 MB

Download – SOAPE014fullmatch.mp4

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