Feb 142018

Supergirl (Brittany Shae) enters the hideout of the evil mastermind scientist, Lucy Purr. They fight, but Lucy is no match for a superheroine and is pinned to the wall. Luckily she’s prepared and applies a mind control chip on Super Girl’s vulnerable forehead.
A remote causes a blank gaze and Supergirl releases Lucy. With her arms by her side, her body sways back and forth. The scientist gloats about having her at her disposal. Waving her hands in front of her, she presses the remote causing her eyes to cross while her brain is reprogrammed with electric signals from the chip.
Standing straight like a soldier, she promises to obey her Master’s commands. Lucy tests her loyalty by having Supergirl act like a chicken. Her head bobs, arms flapping like wings, and red boots pacing like a bird.
Lucy orders her to be a silly and awkward ballerina, which is amusing, but it’s time to train her for a life of crime and terrorizing the world. Supergirl mechanically repeats her mantras, but Lucy becomes enamored with the sexy body under the uniform. She gropes her while she’s under, because she wouldn’t be able to do it under normal circumstances!
The chip controls her minion and Lucy plans to direct her from afar by an ear piece. They test the receiver by having her jump once, holding her arms out in front like a zombie and clapping her hands before dropping them limply to her side. Lucy laughs maniacally at her mindless drone.
She’s ready to destroy the Justice League as a malleable slave.
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