May 262018

Shebat is on a mission to bring a couple bank robber to justice. She falls into a dizzy gas trap and ends up at the mercy of the thugs, Hannah and Sahrye.
They strap a butterfly vibrator on Shebat then wake her up and force her to fight them with the ongoing arouse and orgasm. The continuous beatdown and orgasm drains her will and strength, draining her powers, just as they had planned. They use bear-hugging and body locking to wear her down. Punches and kicks to her already exhuasted body continue to damage the battered superheroine.
Batwoman has wasted too much energy and too tired to hold off the mind-blowing orgasm. She moans and comes helplessly in front of the thugs.
To make matters worse, she is mentally focused on the fight, but her body can not sustain the abuse or keep up with the two thugs. She can only do a small amount of damage to Hannah and Sahrye at this point. They continue until finally, Shebat rolls her eyes in the back of her head in defeat.
When Shebat wakes up, she finds that the thug have setup a camera in front of her. They then demask her for all the world to see and leave her to orgasm repeatedly until someone comes to her rescue.
This 21 minute clip includes female fighting, peril, forced orgasm, cunt busting, wrestling, cosplay, catsuits. Category: SUPERHEROINES
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Duration: 00:21:43 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1.6 GB

Download – Lezdom_SheBatB.mp4

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