May 062018

STARRING: Kendra Lynn
While investigating reports of nefarious activity in an abandoned house, Supergirl is ambushed. Space Monk teleports in, taking her by surprise. Before she can act, he exhales his Vape of Control, the mind numbing smoke enveloping the superheroine and turning her into an obedient sex slave. The Monk delights in exposing the Kryptonian’s fat tits and bending her over to spread her firm ass cheeks, making her pussy gape. Under his control, she gobbles his cock with the sloppiest blowjob this side of the Source Wall. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he rough fucks her and smacks her around, until she begs him to stop. Laughing, he pulls his cock out of her sore cunt to spray her with thick, sticky ropes of cum. She can still hear him as he teleports away, leaving her a disgraced, cum-covered mess.
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