Nov 102018

Scarlet, the most infamous operative in the mysterious Agency has been captured. Or.. has she? In this video, “Scarlet Reunion”, our heroine faces a brutal and unrelenting figure from her past with more than a little familiarity. Agile skill meets raw strength and shameless tactics. Who is hunting who? And how do these shadowy operatives know one another? Of the course of this 44:00 minute long drama, viewers will be treated to the likes of: -Beatdowns -Slapping -Choking -Bearhug -Belly and Face Hits -Nudity -Low Blows -Breast Torture -Forced Orgasms -Witty Dialog -Arms Over Head -Molestation -Forced Splits -Forced Pleasure (Device) -Poison -Simulated Oral and Sex -More!
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