Sep 292018

Hollywood vs Saharra
She’ back – and bigger and meaner than ever, non other than Saharra Huxly – big is beautiful and this is one colossal woman. The Hux is quite impatient as she waits for the great Hollywood to finish her sexy stretching but Holly is in no hurry to appease this mountain of a woman, finally she is ready but maybe she should have stretched some more as Saharra starts her destruction – but wait Holly is on Huxly’s back and choking her this could be.. nope Hux is back squeezing the sleek blonde and to add insult giving her a good spanking turning her sweet cheeks red. Huxly throws the blonde around like a paper doll then puts her in Boston crabs, camel clutches, kneeling surf board and many more – it’s all over, but is it, Hollywood is still breathing and you can never count this veteran out – will she just take more abuse or is this finally the time huge Hux gets her comeuppance, a little hint, the blonde babe does mount a come back, but the big question – is it enough? Dominance and destruction from many sides and all glorious !!!!!!
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