Aug 152018

Romi vs Ana Foxx
She’s got her girl, yes Romi Rain has captured the villain Ana Foxx – funny thing she caught her at the gym by the ring, giving Ana a chance to challenge Romi – if we had a fair fight you would definitely lose, no way could that be.. The gun and the cuffs come off and soon after the girls are topless and talking trash even if that talk is a bit funny because they have mouth guards in, but what’s not funny is their boxing because these ladies go at it, savage blows to both head and body. Back and forth it goes as each takes her turn at demolition and sometimes when one knocks the other down she goes after her; riding her like a pony or just more blows when she’s down. They are both good at clinching when needed, allowing them to get back into the fight keeping it pretty even. And how beautiful are these pugilists, Romi with her curvaceous body and large breasts, with each blow they sway – Ana with her rock hard athletic body, her muscles strain with each swing – both of these battlers make boxing a real joy. One will end up in handcuffs but it will take a real beating to get her there !!!!!!!
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