Sep 062018

Olive Glass & Dixie Comet
Olive is a spoiled brat that has gotten sent away to a hippie dippy, but pretty strict rehab, by her parents because they don’t want to deal with her. Olive isn’t adhering to the rules and her latest debaucherous night has left her in the Dixie’s office, the director, being scolded again. Since she’s tried to punish Olive in numerous ways, and they can’t boot her cause her parents are big donors, Dixie has one last way to punish her and put her in her place. She pulls a bag of rope from beside the couch and Olive just laughs, thinking it’s all a joke. So she tells Dixie to do what she needs to do and get it over with.
Dixie starts tying Olive’s wrists behind her back. Overwhelmed with how tight the rope it is and seeing the devious look creep over Dixie’s face, Olive starts to apologize and promises to behave. But Dixie is now in the mode. She lifts up Olive’s dress and exposes her beautiful tits and goes to work on adding a chest harness. Tired of Olive’s attempts to make good in a passive aggressive manner, Dixie shoves a ball gag in her mouth to shut her up. She ties up her ankles and walks off and leaves Olive to struggle as she has a surprise for her.
When Dixie comes back, she’s naked, only wearing a strap-on and has a pair of panties in her hands. She takes the ball gag out and makes Olive suck her dick. Dixie then shoves her sweaty panties in her mouth and keeps them in with vetwrap. She gets her in doggy on the couch and after undoing her ankles, she bangs her pussy with the strap-on until she cums. Dixie makes her sit on the floor and tells Olive that she needs to reflect on her wrong doings and her punishment. She ties her ankles while her legs are crossed and connects her chest harness to ankles. Olive is to meditate bound in rope until further notice and if Dixie ever has her in her office again, the punishment is going to be 10 times more harsh. Olive sits there in the ropes, barley able to struggle or even remotely concentrate on trying to meditate, looking like she is about to break at any second.
Category: BONDAGE
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