May 112018

Raven Hart vs. Sarah Brooke
The lean sexy red head is back and taking on a big busty babe; Raven Hart – yes Sarah Brooke is the cat fight queen and she sees no challenge with this new girl. But when Raven shows up she talks a big game, and she is big enough to back it up, so let’s get it on – soon we are in a back and forth battle where the ivory skinned red head presses her body against the tan brunette They give each other great wedgies, that cute little white ass gets gets split by bikini strings as does that bold brown butt. Not just asses but the lips of their pussies are also split apart, then some classic breast mauling, the big brown breasts are squished in every way and those perky white tits get pinched so hard those nipples really stand up. Now Sarah saw herself as the cat fight queen but when Raven walks her around the ring with her suit up her ass she isn’t so cocky anymore. Both bottoms come off but the stockings stay on, very sexy – from corners to mat they maul and destroy each other. They contrast each other in looks but not in energy making this one super sexy fun match !!!!!
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