Dec 032018

A young, overconfident and self absorbed Superior Girl joins a globally broadcasted fight club to elevate her social status. She loves to humiliate the competition and cannot restrain from teasing her millions of fanboys. A group of elite fighters known as the Reapers have grown tired of losing to the arrogant little super princess and they create the ultimate enemy for Superior Girl.
He is programmed to exploit all of her weaknesses and humiliate her physically, mentally and sexually in front of all her fanboys. Superior Girl is slowly worn down and eventually has no choice but to verbally submit and end the fight. Unfortunately her foe ignores the rules and continues her destruction for the ultimate public disgrace.
This movie includes multiple brutal beatings, low blows, sim sex, BJ, groping, extended bearhug, slaps, forced orgams, Girl Power, and more!
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Download – Public_Disgrace_4_part_1.mp4

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