Oct 052018

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Andrea Rosu
We fade in on the devious Poison Ivy (played by Andrea Rosu) as she waters her precious plants, cooing at them as a figure stalks her from the shadows. It’s Batgirl (played by Jacquelyn Velvets), but the do-gooder is quickly stopped by a dose of Ivy’s sleepy spray! The green-clad baddie unmasks her foe moments before watching her collapse to the ground, completely unconscious. Ivy caresses Batgirl’s limp body, playing with her limp limbs…only to send her back to Dreamland after she comes to. Batgirl’s mind slowly slips as Ivy delivers a deep kiss that turns the caped crusader into her willing slave! Ivy takes Batgirl into her lair but the heroine manages to break out of the spell and delivers a KO blow to Ivy’s face! Now in control, Batgirl delights in playing with Ivy’s limp body and sending her back out with a forced head smash into a nearby wall, stopping again to caress her prey’s skin. Batgirl starts to realize that her un-clean desires might be a lingering part of Ivy’s spell, but Ivy comes to and forces her into a final sleepy kiss. Batgirl struggles, using a nearby bottle of sleepy spray to send Ivy back to sleep…but it’s too late: the kiss has done it’s work, and Batgirl drops like a stone next to the plant-loving villain. We see Ivy’s henchman come in at the last second, picking her up in an over the shoulder carry and whisking her away to recover as our heroine lays sleeping on the ground!
This movie contains poisoned blow kiss KO, hand smother KO, poisoned sleepy gas KO, nerve pinch KO, poisoned kiss KO, punch KO, sleepy spray KO, head wall slam KO, kick KO, poisoned kiss/sleepy spray KO, sleepy kissing, over the shoulder carry, dragging, eye check, limp limb manipulation
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Duration: 0:18:32 Resolution: 1280×720 Format: mp4 Size: 1.31 GB

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