Jul 312018

Serena vs Sasha
Is this the best trash talking girl ever, Sasha Heart will kill you with her words – when she talks about her trailer park, construction working family and how her mother will kick the shit out of Serena Blair’s mom but we all know just how tough little Serena is even in her frilly bottoms and no top. Yes Serena gets the upper hand with some slugs and clotheslines and proceeds to show her experience with a series of sustained holds; scissors, bow and arrow, arm bar, and figure four leg lock. Sasha’s sleek topless body is stretched and squeezed to the max but this blonde is also a toughie and when she summons her gumption she shows our petit beauty that she can do all the same holds and make them even more painful – so which of these gorgeous young beauties can give it and take it the best – you will find out but not before you hear lots of great chatter and some amazing holds on amazing bodies, they talk as their legs squeeze guts, they talk as their backs are bing stretched and they are still musing when their legs are near breaking – get ready because the listening is almost as good as the looking with these two gorgeous sexy young beauties !!!!!
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