May 162018

Starring Coco and Sleeperkid
The beautiful Coco arrives to a photographer’s home studio only to become the unwitting prey to a sleepy-obsessed tormentor. He sneaks a powerful sedative into awe drink and the session begins. Clad in sexy black lingerie, Coco does her best to put on a show, but the drug strips her of her consciousness. She awakens but the photographer convinces her to continue the session, leading to some sleepy/sexy poses from Coco until a second dose of sleepy serum (this time delivered via syringe) puts her out yet again. Coco attempts an escape after coming to, but her captor repeatedly sends her back to Dreamland.leading to some beautiful rag dolling and a final hypnosis induction that keeps Coco forever in his control! He allows her to get dressed just so he can test a “faint” command, leaving her stripped down yet again as the screen fades to black!
This movie contains drugged drink KO, syringe KO, chloroform KO, sleepy spray KO, hypnosis KO, sleep command KO, cradle carries, over the shoulder carries, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation
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Duration: 00:36:48 Resolution: 1280×720 Format: mp4 Size: 1.8 GB

Download – Maledom_NoNo.mp4

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