Oct 162018

Luna Star (Cali Logan) Infiltrates the hideout of an unknown villainess (Akira Lane) and is quickly ragged and subdued. She is debooted and immobilized in a chair. Apparently Luna Star has information that the villainess wants and Luna Star is not in the mood to reveal it.
The villainess starts to tickle Luna Star unmercifully and after a while when she realize Luna Star won’t talk she tickles her again and places a rag over Luna Star’s mouth and nose. Luna Star has no choice but to breathe it in! Lights out.
This time, the villainess isn’t playing around and uses a vibrator to weaken Luna Star. It works and Luna Star falls under her spell. She agrees to take the villainess to the location of the Excalibur device.
Models: Akira Lane, Cali Logan
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