Aug 082019

Supragirl may be the newest kid on the block, or planet for that matter. but she has had a thrilling time following her cousin’s footsteps as one of earth’s mightiest protectors. Until now. Oni, a diabolical villainous mastermind has prepared a trap for the young heroine. One comprised of several rare and powerful krystonian gems. In part one of this two-part movie, we will see the classic Green Krystonite strip her of her strength and the dreaded Silver Krystonite warp her reality with mind bending illusions until nothing and everything is real. Playtime is over. It is time for the world’s mightiest heroine to learn an important lesson. Or thirty. Join us as we watch the beginning of the titan’s fall as the first two of three krystonite weapons are unleashed upon her until her whole world becomes a ceaseless onslaught of violating visions. With the most dreaded of all to come soon. This movie includes: -Inner Dialog -Super powered combat (one-sided!) -Depowering -Superpowers (Flight, heat gaze, superspeed, super strength, illusions, super hearing) -Belly Punching -Choking/Asphyxiation -Back Breaking -Skull Squeezing. -Hallucinations/”Drugged” effects -Beatdowns -Forced rubbing -Groping -Forced Simulated sex -Forced Simulated oral -Bear Hugs -Spine Punching -Low Blows -Confusion/Terror -Overpowering -Ahaego -Cape/Skirt removal -More!
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