Feb 112020

La Madrina is displeased.
When Starwave finally incites the powerful cocaine baroness to action by foiling her operations time and time again, La Madrina pulls no punches with her methodical revenge. Setting a trap at one of her distribution centers, Starwave springs it with aplomb and quickly finds herself at the mercy of the baroness and her highly trained soldiers. Faced with the laughably simple punishment of “exercising until she drops, the heroine discovers all is not what it seems as she is subversively picked apart and humiliated over the course of this hour and a half film!
This custom movie includes:
-Full Nudity-Entrapment-Water Torture-Drugging-Exercising to Exhaustion-Various Asphyxiations-Drowning in Cocaine-Arms over Head-Breast Abuse-Bondage-Grappling-Forced OralForced Orgasms-Simulated Sex-Group Sex-Dominance-Mind Breaking/Brainwashing-Sledgehammer Attacks-Short “Chloroform” Scene-Documented Peril (Photographer)-Various Mouth Gags-Loads of Smacking Around with Impliments-Sweating/Overheating-Electrocutions-Groping-A Bear Hug and Torture Wrack-Outfit Removal-Too much to remember!
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