Dec 242018

Liz is a blonde goddess. She has milky white skin and perky tits with pretty pink nipples. She is modeling in the DT ring. Liz has on a sling shot bikini that comes all the way up over her shoulders. This leaves her breasts bare and only a tiny string flossing her perfect ass. She turns to show the camera her rear end and pops it out a little bit. Her thigh high black stockings accentuate her legs and ass. As Liz coyly smiles at the camera, Misty comes rushing into the ring. She is pissed at Liz and threatens violence. Liz is having none of it, especially because Misty has interrupted her photo shoot. The women remove their high heels and begin fighting. Misty uses her anger to overpower Liz. She grabs Liz’s bikini and yanks up from both sides. Liz’s soft skin seems to be on the edge of ripping due to this violent front and back wedgy. Misty lets go and allows Liz to fall to her knees. Misty grips Liz by her breasts and squeezes until Liz screams. Both women pull each other’s panties off and continue fighting with their crotches bare. The winner gets to put her panties back on and restore her honor. However, the loser stays nude and embarrassed.
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