May 302016

The art of self sucking is difficult to learn, it requires flexibility and perseverance. So its time to get practicing! I want you to sit straight on the floor like this with your legs together. Now i want you to get that cock hard for me… Good, now bend yourself over pushing your head over to your cock. KEEP PRACTICING! The more you practice, the quicker you’ll be sucking on your own cock. I expect you to practice these exercises every day for at least 60 minutes until you can finally reach your cock with your mouth. Then its the next stage for you. PLEASURE! Yes that’s right loser, thanks to my special training video you can now suck your own cock! Yippie! So suck away on it bitch. I want you to imagine you are a whore giving yourself the best blow job money can buy. I want you to enjoy sucking on your own cock, feel the pleasure and experiment with what feels best. Now its time for the next stage. ORGASM, EJACULATION, CUM IN MOUTH SENSATION! I want you to work that cock with your hand while your sucking hard on it. I want your to jerk it faster and faster into your mouth until the magical ***ent comes when your ready to explode into your own mouth. BOOOM! YOUR CUM HITS THE ROOF OF YOUR MOUTH AND SHOOTS DOWN THE BACK OF YOUR THROAT! Your taken back by the difference of taste and sensation from licking it off your hand like normal, and you start to gag and choke on your own cum! The next thing to happen is THE REALISATION! That you’ve just sucked your own cock off and now have a mouthful of your own fresh hot fresh cum. AND YOU WOULDN’T OF BEEN ABLE TO DO IT WITHOUT MY ENCOURAGEMENT AND DISCIPLINARY TRAINING!
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