Sep 012018

Humiliation, Verbal Humiliation
do you feel invisible? Like people ignore you all of the time? Have you ever sent a text to your friends asking them what they are doing and they ignore you or give you excuses as to why you can’t see them? Do you feel left out? Of course you do! Look at you, you’re a loser! You’re a piece of dog shhh. You’re a no name, goofy ass looking motherfucker. Everyone makes you feel so fucking worthless! There’s one plus side to all of this though…this is what you deserve! This is how you should be treated. You’re a no name, doormat, dumbass looking fucker. You’re so pathetic. You deserve to be used and drained and thrown away. No one cares about you. I don’t care about you. No other domme does either. You’re not worth anything. You don’t deserve to talk to me. You’re invisible to everyone.
#Female Domination, #Femdom, #Humiliation, #Mental Domination, #Redheads, #Verbal Abuse, #Verbal Humiliation,
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