Oct 132018

Female Domination, Financial Domination
I like video sales, I love getting those emails because that means that you love me – as you should. You buy one video after another and that’s hot. You know you’re instantly hooked, but seeing one video bought at a time isn’t as much fun as 5 – 10 videos at a time. You’re not dipping your toe in, you’re taking that leap. I love seeing $50, $75, $100 at a time. It makes me feel so much better, it satisfies Me so much more! I want this to be passive income. I shouldn’t have to work, you should be doing the work for me. When you own most of my videos, that’s when you get attention. You get nothing from Me with one video, but 15 videos, 20 videos, 100 videos? You get more of My time an attention. Jump on in and give Me what I an due
#Female Domination, #Femdom, #Financial Domination, #Findom, #Goddess Worship, #Redheads
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