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“Thank you so much for coming over,” Jayde said as she lit one of the candles Holden had brought for them.
“We were so worried when the power went out” added Gracie as she guided him to their sofa. The power had only been out for about ten minutes when Holden heard the knock on his door where his gorgeous new neighbors awaited him in need.
“Please stay,” Jayde pleaded as she spread out on the sectional next to him, her tight little ass wiggling in the air behind her, “Just until the power comes back on?” Holden’s heart pounded in his chest, he knew he should go, his wife wouldn’t think this was terribly appropriate… but he was enjoying the attention. Something about the way they treated him, it just made him feel…powerful.
“So do you like living here?” Jayde asked
“What about your wife?” Gracie interjected before he could even respond to the first question.
“The building is really old, did they tell you about it when you moved in?” Jayde chimed in as if they were sharing one mind.
“It was built by a pastor as a place to shelter those in need,” Gracie explained as the tips of her toes began to tease Holden’s thigh.
“But he only let women stay”
“Beautiful women” The girls hadn’t moved but he felt the intense sensation that they would both closing in…creeping closer.
“Each night he would hold service for these women and help them repent for their sins,” Jayde continued, her eyes shimmering in the candle light. Holden’s head ping-ponging back and forth between the two women as they finished each other’s sentences.
“They were all so sinful that he would see them in groups” Gracie said with a bite of her lip.
“He wuld bring two, three, four women at a time into his chambers.” Jayde moaned out.
“They would all get on their knees and pray” Gracie said as the girls both fall to their knees in front of Holden.
“The pastor would make them beg for forgiveness,” Jayde seductively whispered as her hand slid up Holden’s leg, his cock twitching to life at her touch.
“And the women would be so desperate they offered themselves to him… completely.” Both of their hands caressed his legs as Holden snapped out of his daze. He hadn’t spoken a word since her entered their apartment and as he stood to leave all that escaped his lips was a chuckle of uncomfortableness.
“No please,” Jade demanded pushing him back down to the sofa as Gracie finished her sentence
“Stay…”They straddled him from either side as they softly kissed up his neck. A quiet moan escaped Holden’s lips but he was silenced by Gracie’s tongue as she kissed him.
“Soon they’re prayers turned into much more. They needed to pleasure him to feel saved.” Jayde whispered in his ear before she turned his face toward her so she could have a taste of his lips as well.
“They used their bodies and their mouths and their tongues to worship him. To make him feel good.” Gracie continued to whisper the story in his other ear. Holden found himself being passed back and forth as they devoured him with their mouths and tongues while the other one continued the story.
“They made him feel so good, but still he wanted more,” Jayde moaned as she nibbled on his earlobe.
“More mouths to kiss him” Gracie added before filling his mouth with her tongue.
“More hands to caresses him” Jayde continued while her hand wandered into Holden’s now unbuttoned shirt.
“More bodies to keep his bed warm at night” Gracie seductively hissed before gliding her fingertips across his bulging hard-on. Again Holden snapped back briefly, but unable to find the words, he just held up his ring finger.
“Don’t worry about your wife.” Jayde said with a smile before taking his finger into her mouth, her bright blue eyes never looking away from his.
“We won’t tell her,” Gracie added as she licked up his neck.
“We’re so good at keeping secrets,” Jadye responded before spitting Holden’s wedding ring out of her mouth. All he could do was moan with pleasure as Gracie’s hand found it’s way back to his cock.
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