Sep 152018

Capri Cavanni and Karlie Montana hate each other. They have been rivals for years and are finally going to settle their beef on the mat. The women strip down to their panties and begin with a test of strength. Capri brings Karlie to her knees and then stands over her with a confident smirk. The fighters then go to their corners and begin spraying themselves with water. Their tits, ass, and legs glisten as Capri and Karlie pose, spray, and then massage the water into their soft skin. The second test of strength goes a little bit differently. Karlie laughs and says, “fuck this!” She changes levels and shoots for a double leg take down on Capri. Capri goes down like a sack of potatoes. Karlie sinks in a camel clutch. Capri screams and reaches for a handful of Karlie’s hair. Karlie’s complaints of “cheating” are muffled by the body scissors Capri applies. When both girls get back to their feet they begin boxing. Each gut shot makes both women’s bare breasts jiggle. However, the K.O. in this video is not a punch, but a ruthless camel clutch. The loser is left passed out, face down in the ring. The winner circles her and then removes the defeated girl’s panties. Leaving a beautiful bare assed loser asleep on the mat. Strap yourself in for this doozy of a topless catfight.
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