Jul 132018

DynaJazz is one of America’s elite superheroines. An expert at weapons and martial arts, she’s also crafty and cunning; her lightning-quick intellect has bailed her out of many sticky situations. However, if her body is roped-up ultra tight, how much can her brain help her? The evil Insidiac has finally won, capturing DynaJazz in New York, and he has no plans of letting her escape. Still plotting what to do with her, he’s keeping her tied her up in his secret lair.
DynaJazz knows her life is in danger. She’s struggling with everything she’s got to escape, but can she? Her torso and feet are tied tight and pulled opposite each other. Her hands are bound securely behind her back, with plenty of rope wound around her slender wrists. She’s trying so hard to get undone, writing and twisting, yanking and pulling, but she’s not making any progress. The ropes are just too tight, and she can’t get to any knots.
Will this be the end of DynaJazz? And will Insidiac’s reign of terror continue? The world will soon find out.
Category: BONDAGE
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