Nov 272018

Starring Coco
Superior Girl faces Dr Necro and his abomination in a fight of the century! In a grueling super powered battle Superior Girl manages to get the upper hand but accidentally charges her foe with the power of 5 Superheroines! Superior Girl finds herself on the receiving end of a very humiliating beating at the hands of Necro’s creation. She tries to overcome the odds but ultimately fails. Superior Girl becomes Necro’s next experiment as he extracts her essence with a very painful and pleasurable method.
This movie includes a top notch MvsF fight, Beatdowns, low blows, bear hug, back breaker, back torture, forced orgasms, groping, upskirts, KOs, choking, and more!
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Duration: 00:23:14 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1.18 GB

Download – Fractured_Steel.mp4

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