Jul 132018

Lauren Phillips, Casey Calvert & Dixie Comet
After catching up to Rapture and making her pay, Siren decides to return to the life of crime and transforms herself into super villain Evil Siren.
Rapture, the super villain, is tied n a frog tie, gagged and struggling on the couch. Siren enters and slides herself beside her on the couch to grope and taunt her. It’s time for Siren to give Rapture a little pay back for the stunt she pulled with her and Justice. She pulls out a dildo and fucks Rapture with it while she moans and through her cleave gag. Rapture can’t help but cum as she has been weakened from the struggling. Siren informs Rapture that she is returning to a life of crime and leaves her there to struggle.
Siren returns as Evil Siren. She leans into Rapture and asks her if she wants to join forces. Rapture agrees and Evil Siren starts to undo her gag. But then Justice sneaks up behind Siren, seeing that she has gone bad, and hits her over the head, knocking her down on top of Rapture. Justice is not going to allow for two super villains in her city…not on her watch!
Disappointed that her partner has returned to crime, Justice decides to teach her and Rapture both a lesson that crime does not pay.
Evil Siren and Rapture are securely tied to chairs facing each other. Both girls moan throw there gags and struggle in their binds until finally Justice comes in holding two vibrators. She voices her dismay at Siren, turning back to a life of crime. And berates Rapture asking her if prison didn’t teach her enough of a lesson. But Justice wants to have some fun and thinks that if the two super villains have enough orgasms, their strength will be weakened and she can go on to defeat or convert them both. Justice vibes them both to orgasm. But that is not enough…she secures the vibes to them with rope and leaves them to struggle and weaken them with orgasms while she goes to tend to her city to keep it safe.
Time passes and we see Evil Siren has now escaped and is untying Rapture from the chair. They agree that Justice has hell to pay….she’s not even going to know what’s hit her! Hell hath no fury like a female super villains scorn.
*This was a custom video
Will Evil Siren and Rapture make good with their word to make Justice pay for trying to weaken them with orgasms and take the two super villains down? Or will Justice prevail once again? Tune in next week to see what happens in the finale!
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