Oct 072018

Lauren Phillips, Casey Calvert, Dixie Comet & Nate Liquor
Evil Siren and Rapture have escaped. They quickly find Justice and Rapture knocks her out by hitting her over the head. But in a twist, Evil Siren brings out a rag and places it over Rapture’s mouth and nose and forces her out too. Having grown tired of both of her partners, good or bad, Evil Siren decides to go it alone from now on and take matters into her own hands.
Rapture and Justice are tightly secured face to face on a bed. They have been demasked and cleave gagged and are struggling in their binds. Evil Siren comes in and tells them they have been exhausting and that she’s had enough of both of them. She’s decided that she is going to be selling them off into sex slavery. She grabs two vibrators and places them on the girls’ crotches that are already tied with tight crotch ropes. Justice and Rapture struggle in agony as they are both forced to orgasm at the hands of Evil Siren. She shoves the vibrators into the crotch ropes of both girls, taunting and groping them before she turns to leave them there tied up. Their eyes go wide as they see someone behind Evil Siren but it’s too late…the man grabs her and hand over mouth gags her and brings her back into the room.
Now Justice, Rapture and Evil Siren are all tied into tight hogties, cleave gagged and with vibrators secured to their pussies. They all struggle in their binds as they are forced to orgasms over and over and is seems as though our heroes and villains may have all met their match. The End.
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