Aug 192018

Finally Stacy Burke gets Cali Logan in the ring for a grueling boxing bout, she claims Cali has been running away from her for years, hell, that’s the reason she moved to the east coast. Of course Cali sees this very differently and is eager to defend her honor. Cali in her sexy lingerie and Stacy in her tight jeans, both girls are rendered topless in this brutal bout as they trade blows back and forth and when each one gets in control she sadistically slugs breasts, face and gut, eventually we have a slugfest in the middle of the ring where they take turns seeing who will gain control – finally Stacy does and now comes the real destruction, the gloves even come off so the blonde can strip poor Cali nude. She puts sexy Cali against the ropes and rubs her pert nipples into those nasty ropes – back and forth she compresses those natural breasts, and she is just getting going with her total annihilation. Stacy unleashes all her anger on the the naked beauty with chokes and blows till. it’s just too much !!!!!
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