May 032016

So you thought you had kept your ‘Fag stash’ well hidden until your long serving secretary confronts you about her findings. All your secrets have been found out and you are completely shocked, embarrassed and at her mercy. Your fate is now in your secretary’s hands and as she has been extremely annoyed with years of your leering eyes she uses it to her advantage. Imaging the thought of your family, friends, colleagues and others finding out really fills you with huge fear. There is no way out but to agree to everything and anything your powerful, dominant Secretary puts your way. Your cock sucking rendezvous and huge obsession with men has been well and truly outed . You are now nothing more than a blackmail slave owned by your employee. She has completely turned the tables and you are left a whimpering little slut. It would only take a click of a button to share your ‘Diary’ with your wife. For her to see with her own eyes exactly what these so called ‘meetings’ you have been booking out really contained. To share the filthy pictures of your mouth being totally annihilated by another guy. Do you think she will stay with you or do you think she will be well and truly ashamed to have any connection with you. Make the choice, it’s going to be a life long decision.
This clip features elements of: Blackmail Fantasy,Cock Tease,Confrontation,Femdom POV,Coerced Bi,Gay,Humiliation,Gay Humiliation,Homewrecker,Coerced Gay,Blackmail Fetish, Secretary Fetish,Forced Bi

Info :
Size : 191.84 MiB
Duration : 00:08:39
Resolution : h264, yuv420p, 1280×720, 25.00 fps(r) (und)
Format : MP4

Download – JOI_Stash.mp4

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