May 212016

Look at you, kneeling naked in the hall way, you waited all night for me to come back from the club, how pathetic. Follow me on all fours to my bed room cuck i have a job for you. Look at your useless cock, what use is that to me? A real man like i was with tonight has a proper cock. Not a tiny baby micro dick like that thing between your legs. A real man wouldn’t wait on his knees all night waiting for me to come home, a real man would be the reason i am out all night. All you are is a stupid cuck, you would love nothing more than to please me. Well tonights your lucky night bitch, my new boyfriend is 9 inches long and has a bigger sex drive than me, so it will be your job to satisfy him whenever i bring him home. Think how much fun it will be, me and you sharing a monster cock, you licking his shaft and sucking his balls as he fucks me hard. Before i can let that happen cuck i think you will need some training, i need to make sure your mouth and ass is up to the job of satisfying a real man. I got this nice big 8 inch strap-on in the post today, what do you think cuck, do you like my big cock. Open wide bitch, time for you cock sucking lesson, i want you to deep throat it, gag for me bitch. Good boy, now for your reward, open wide and catch every drop of cum in your mouth. You swallow it bitch and prepare yourself for the real one!
tags:forced bi,faggot,cuckold,cuckolding,sph,small penis humiliation

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