Sep 232018

Prinzzess vs Karlie & Misty
Wow, what a series 1323-01, 1337-02, 1349-03 and now this one where we find Misty and Karlie inspecting the new destructive toys they are going to use on poor Prinzzess, so many toys and so little time, wait, actually we have lots of time over thirty six minutes of wild fun. We pick up with Prinzzess right where we left her splayed in the corner, blind folded, with the spreader bar, nipple clamps, chain and collar and tied to the ropes. Misty decides to wake her slave with an orgasm so between her legs goes her hand as she strokes her subdued victim. Now Karlie breaks out the candles and you guessed it – wax on, she drips the hot way on the unsuspecting Prinzzess who shutters with each drop – soon we have a speckled blonde as all those drops has stuck to her tan skin making for one bizarre naked body. Next Prinzzess is put in a series of holds and seeing if she can take each one for over a minute, kneeling surfboard, neck scissors, waist scissor and finally a suspended full nelson. Then it’s back to the corner where again she is cuffed so that all the new toys can be employed on her still dotted body, great evil toys ending with some delicious vagina clips – and of course Misty has a fabulous climax for her gorgeous victim to end it all. One more in this amazing series – what bodies, what fun, what a series !!!!!!
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