Aug 272016

Dyna Girl wants justice for what Master Mind did to the spunky heroine. Master Mind still thinks he is the reincarnation of the great philosopher Plato entitled to take whatever he wants. Master Mind has just pulled off a billion dollar bank heist. Looks like a job for Dyna Girl! Our voltage vixen quickly tracks down the deranged villain. The digitized daredoll battles the philosophical misfit in a struggle of beams versus brawn. Dyna Girls electra – beams make the villain dance, pelt his body and knock him out. The overconfident heroine turns her back on the villain and electra tweets. Master Mind counterattacks crotch clawing, bear hugging, crushing and face smothering, Dyna Girl. Dyna Girls powers and skill save her every time. Master Mind uses a mirror to deflect Dyna Girl beams into her face to take the pretty heroine down. Master Mind further weakens the stunned Dyna Girl with a classic heroine take down. As the defeated Dyna Girl barely clings to consciousness, the dastardly villain steals the heroines electra comp and gloves. With Dyna Girl helpless, Master Mind finishes her off with another classic superheroine peril take down. Dyna Girl awaken to find Master Mind has her electra comp. He fires beams at her boots to make her remove her boots. Dyna Girl sits removes her boots and rubs her legs and feet. Master Mind hair drags the helpless heroine to her feet and torments her with her own electra beams. As Dyna Girl raises her arms to surrender, the villain removes Dyna Girls belt and cape as she wails in protest. With Dyna Girls arms raised, the villain gives her an electra wedgy with butte rubbing, spanking and pussy clawing. Master Mind pelts the powerless heroine with a barrage of face slaps and belly punches. He finishes her off with another classic superheroine peril take down. Dyna Girl submits to Master Minds wicked whims. After a warm up blow job, she strips for his amusement. With the helpless, naked heroine at his mercy, Master Mind fucks her then makes her suck his penis again Ouch! Looks like Dyna Girl wasnt as down and out as Master Mind thought she was. Its Dyna Girl on top now! The dominant dare doll forces the evil Master Mind to pleasure and fuck her! Looks she has this battle in the bag as she makes him suck her pussy Ouch! One good bite deserves another! Now Master Mind is on top again! Who will win? Tune in to find out. Starring Dakota Charms as Dyna Girl. CLIP INCLUDES: -Classic superheroine plot and dialogue. -Battle of high tech powers versus good old fashioned brute strength and trickery. -Overconfident heroine winning then letting her inferior opponent take her down. -Villain depowering a heroine then using her own powers against her. -Character accurate special effects, costume, dialogue and role playing. -Dyna Girls electra comp used against her to make her dance and suffer torment. -Heroine removing her own gloves, self debooting and rubbing her legs and feet in tights. -Heroine standing with her arms raised as she is debelted and decaped. -Heroine standing with her arms raised as villain gives her a wedgy with butte squeezing, spanking and pussy clawing. -Face slapping and belly punching beat down as heroine stnds with arms raised. -Two classic superheroine peril take downs. -Heroine stripping down to the buff. -Cock sucking and pussy sucking shot from different angles. -Hardcore fucking with multiple positions and shot from different angles. -Sex fight with multiple shifts of control and both players staying in character.
Keywords: verbal humiliation, tights fetish, pantyhose, striptease, oral sex, oral sevitude, pussy control, humiliation, mixed fighting, boot fetish, crotch abuse, belly punching, face slapping, bear hug, domination
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Size: 397484288 bytes (379.07 MiB), duration: 00:25:06, avg.bitrate: 2111 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280×720, 29.97 fps(r) (eng)

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